Purchase Your Leased Equipment

You’ve gotten familiar with your machine and love its reliability, performance and power. Ask your dealer about current offers to help finance your equipment.

Get An Upgrade

Ready to take productivity to the next level with a machine upgrade? Turn in your current equipment and choose a new model for purchase or lease.

Return Your Leased Equipment

Not interested in keeping your equipment? Hey, we get it! We'll be here when you decide to come back. For now, simply return your leased equipment. A $400 return fee may apply.


  • 120Days

    Explore Your Options

    Now’s the time to start thinking about your lease end options. Will you be purchasing, upgrading, or returning your leased equipment?

  • 90DAYS

    Declare Your Intentions

    Let us know of your decision regarding your leased equipment. Please declare your intentions 90 days prior to the maturity date. You can declare your intentions below.

  • 60DAYS

    Inspect for the Unexpected

    Plan ahead to avoid surprise charges with a pre-return inspection. Your dealer can help identify any items that might be chargeable damages that go beyond normal wear and tear.

  • 30DAYS

    Make Arrangements

    Time is almost up! Whether you want to return, upgrade or purchase your equipment, it’s time to make arrangements with your dealership prior to maturity. CNH Industrial Capital can assist you if financing is needed.

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  • Yes. Your dealer can identify any maintenance and/or necessary repairs. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to work any repairs around your schedule.
  • Return your equipment to your original leasing dealership. If an alternative location is needed, please contact your CNH Industrial Capital Lease Team. Be sure to notify your CNH Industrial Capital Lease Team and the dealership before dropping off your equipment.
  • Yes. There is a $400 return fee per serial numbered unit when you return your equipment.
  • If there are applicable charges and/or a return fee, in most cases, you will receive the invoice 30 to 45 days after your equipment is returned.
  • No. We do not apply credits or issue refunds for unused hours.
  • Yes. If all payments have been made, we accept early lease returns without penalty.

Still have questions? Contact our Lease End Team