Operating Lease

Financing solution with minimal risk and no ownership.

Operating Lease allows for right equipment at the right time! It is the right choice to get the latest equipment and increase your cash flow with little upfront investment.

Every business requires equipment, but not every business can justify the expense of an outright purchase. Operating lease presents a solution to this problem. If you are looking to secure vital equipment without making a significant upfront financial commitment, an operating lease is right option for you.


Regular & scheduled payments – Managing a series of small, fixed outgoings across 12-60 months can be easier for cash-flow sensitive businesses than having to pay upfront.

Want to use equipment without ownership – You simply return the equipment at end of the contract, removing the burden of remarketing from you.

Are you interested in the tax and accounting benefits? – This can be treated differently than customary retail financing and can be on/off balance sheet based on your accountants advice.

Rentals are based on your agreed annual usage – You decide the usage conditions (duration and hours) in advance with the possibility to exceed the contract usage conditions at pre-defined fix costs.

CNHI Capital is not authorised to provide tax advice. Business customers should refer all tax related matters to their company accountant/auditor.​​​​

Finance is restricted to business users only subject to credit acceptance and affordability checks by CNH Industrial Capital Europe​ Limited.​
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