Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my retail loan and lease account information online?

Yes. To access your account information online, please select the MY ACCOUNT link. Follow the "First Time” user instructions for registration. Once you have completed registration for the site. you may log in and access your account information at any time.

Can I make my account payments online?

Yes.  To make a one-time payment online, select the ONE-TIME PAYMENT link at the top of the page.  For information about other payment methods, please select the How to Make a Payment link at the bottom of the page.

Enroll in MY ACCOUNT for secure and convenient access to your CNH Industrial Capital equipment account information from your computer or mobile device.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the CNH Industrial Capital online services?

For questions or assistance with CNH Industrial Capital MY ACCOUNT online services, please call Customer Service at 1-800-501-5711.

Does CNH Industrial Capital accept credit cards as a payment option for retail loan and lease accounts?

No. CNH Industrial Capital does not accept credit cards as a payment option account payments.

Can I drop my payment off at the dealership where I bought my equipment?

CNH Industrial Capital advises our customers to make their payments directly to us using one of the payment methods we have available. Please note: Taking your payment to the dealership will not expedite the posting of your payment. Payments are posted the day they are received by CNH Industrial Capital.

What type of billing options does CNH Industrial Capital offer?

CNH Industrial Capital offers the following billing options:
      •Billing Statement
      •Automatic Payment Plan (APP)

How can I register for the Automatic Payment Plan option?

CNH Industrial Capital will need a signed authorization form along with one of the following:
      •Original or copy of a voided check if using a checking account
      •Letter from the financial institution on their letter head stating the routing number and account number if using a savings account

To obtain an authorization form, please call Customer Service at 1-800-501-5711.

How long does it take to receive my Paid in Full documentation or Title once my account has been paid off?

If certified funds are received, the paid in full documents/title can be released immediately upon request. Bank wires and certified bank checks are examples of certified funds.  If non-certified funds are received, the paid in full documents/title will be released approximately 25-30 days after the receipt of the final payment. Personal and business checks are examples of non-certified funds.

Is the insurance I financed with CNH Industrial Capital cancelled once my account is paid in full?

No.  Your insurance policy is not automatically cancelled. The insurance policy will remain in effect until the original maturity date of your equipment contract or lease account. If your account is paid in full and you wish to cancel your insurance prior to the original maturity date, please contact 800-296-1032​.

What if I no longer want or need the insurance I have financed with CNH Industrial Capital?

If you plan to pay your CNH Industrial Capital account in full and wish to cancel your financed insurance at that time, the unearned premium amount will be rebated and deducted from the amount required to pay off your account. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-501-5711 or log in to My Account to request an accurate payoff amount.
If you wish to cancel your financed insurance prior to paying your account in full, you must provide proof of coverage showing CNH Industrial Capital as loss payee prior to cancellation of your existing CNH Industrial Capital insurance policy. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-501-5711 for more information.

Why is there still a lien on my equipment even though my account is paid in full?

CNH Industrial Capital files all liens in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code for your jurisdiction and as such all liens are filed for a term of 60 months, even if the term of the contract is less. A lien continuation is filed on contracts longer than 60 months shortly before the original lien expires. CNH Industrial Capital only collects the amount needed to file the lien at the time of contract origination or in the event a continuation or amendment is filed in connection with the lien. If a customer requests an early termination of a lien, CNH Industrial Capital will have documents prepared and sent to the customer along with instructions for properly filing the termination in the appropriate government office. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any termination fees.

Who do I contact to share a concern regarding my equipment?

Please contact your local dealer for all technical support. If you wish to discuss with our Customer Relations team, please use one of the following numbers:
New Holland: 1-866-639-4563
Case IH Agriculture - 1-877-422-7344
CASE Construction - 1-866-542-2736

What is the customer service phone number for the CNH Industrial Capital Productivity Plus Account?

The Productivity Plus customer service phone number is 1-800-501-5711​.

What address do I use to submit my insurance binder?

CNH Industrial Capital America LLC
P.O. BOX 71264
Philadelphia, PA 19176-6264